June 21, 2006

Scott Peterson, President of Edward Kraemer & Sons, Inc., issued the following statement today regarding the Company:

“The ownership of Edward Kraemer and Sons, Inc. (“EKS”) has completed a successful split off of the Materials Division. The Materials Division is now a separate, stand-alone company still owned and operated by the Kraemer family, but distinct from the construction operation which will still be known as Edward Kraemer & Sons, Inc. The new materials company began operations as Kraemer Mining & Materials, Inc. (or “KMM”) on June 19, 2006. KMM’s management team includes: David Kraemer, Chairman of the Board; Thomas Kraemer, Chief Executive Officer & President; Scott Peterson, Executive Vice President; and Dave Edmunds, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer.

EKS will continue to aggressively pursue and put in place quality highway and heavy work. EKS is led by: David Kraemer, Chairman of the Board; Scott Peterson, Chief Executive Officer & President.